This is an introduction post. I’m showing my cousin how to use Tumblr….

My style of blogging tends to be a funny anecdote followed by a funny relatable gif.

*Funny anecdote*

*Follow up to first have of anecdote*

*Conclusion to the funny anecdote*

And that, Emily, is how you make a blog post on Tumblr…Well on my tumblr at least.

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Jason Brock are you really singing total eclipse of the heart on the night that One Direction is there?

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When people I know in real life find me on tumblr somehow…


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If any of you following me like Boys Like Girls or anyone like them, you should check these guys out. They are super good. I met them at the BLG concert last Saturday, and they are super sweet and adorable. So check them out!

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sex on a stick

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No one was home this morning…


I was so excited no one was home! It meant I could sing along to my shower radio without judgement…

I got out of the shower only to find that my sister had come home from work while I was in the shower.

And the cute kid she works with drove her home, and came inside to meet our dog cause he likes dogs…

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The Whole Time That 1D Was Performing At The X Factor USA


OMG Niall is singing to Demi Tomato!!!

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I’ve decided the Me Vs. Gravity fandom needs a name…

All the good fandom’s have names. For example…

  • All Time Low has The Hustler Club
  • Demi Lovato has Lovatics
  • Katy Perry has Katycats
  • Lady Gaga has her Little Monsters
  • One Direction has Directioners
  • Black Eyed Peas has Peabodies
  • Cher Lloyd has Brats
  • My Chemical Romance has MCRmy or Killjoys
  • Justin Bieber has Beliebers
  • The Who has Wholigans
  • Avenge Sevenfold has Avengers (or The Family)
So does anybody have any ideas??

Is there already a name? I looked it up and couldn’t find one soooooo

( This is the web site that I got the names of most of the Fandom’s )

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omg, this was pretty much my reaction to the LWWY video.

“Phallic” “Where are the girls?” “Harry’s watching them play with the balls”

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One Direction Prank: Zayn and Louis prank the other members of 1D into thinking they’re responsible for delivering a baby!

This is possibly the best thing I’ve seen all day.

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